Blood vessels


The treatments for blood vessels

1)treatment for congested arteries

Pressure pain on the left under the navel, zhongzhu or daju (中注、大巨)

blood congestion in an ilium rotation artery or a superficial epigastric artery

The place going down from external iliac artery to thigh artery is blood vessel
hiatus in the narrow space between a pubis of groin and a groin ligament.

➀ It goes through the narrow blood vessel hiatus.

➁ Groin parts is the place where they bend and stretch very hard,
   so blood is apt to be congested.

➂ The artery which branches out from a femoral artery goes up in
    abdomen and is linked to the superior epigastric artery at the height
    of the navel ( anastomosis)

➃ Ilium rotation artery and superficial epigastric artery form vascular
   plexus and the upper side on the left part of epigastric artery becomes bigger.

left zhongfeng   左中封(留)― chize (尺沢、雀) 

pressure pains on yuji(魚際)

The static blood of abdominal region is gone.

※ The static blood on head ~ mental labor, menopause, hysterics after birth

sanyingiao (三陰交)、yinlingquan (陰陵泉)、laogong (労宮)、baihui (百会)

sodden feeling → 3-2 needle in length, 1cm horizontally in depth

retaining the needle for15 minutes or quezhuo (雀啄),pecking sparrow needling

2 treatment for hepatic portal vein congestion

when there are pressure pains on left tianshu (左天枢)

→from huiyang (会陽) toward shangdi (上仙) with 2-needle in length

quezhuo (雀啄), pecking sparrow needlig

The under part of heart begins to be vacant. Be careful of the amount of stimulation

left huiyang (左会陽) ‒ pull out a needle as turning right

right dachangshu (右大腸兪) ‒ lung

When the congestion is not gone, 1‒1 needle in length downward

sizhukong (糸竹空)

portal vein‒superior mesenteric vein‒splenic vein(left side)

‒superior mesenteric vein(left side)

3 treatment for pelvis ischemic

  (It can be the cause of menopause)

細 ‒ pelvis ischemic ‒ the decline of secretion of ovarian hormones (estrogen)

In order to make qi and blood stream smoothly, dachangshu(大腸兪)

yaoguan(腰関)shangdi (上仙) and baliaoxue (八髎穴),in particular

ciliao (次髎). warming needle with moxibustion (灸頭鍼、温灸鍼)

in Chinese) is also good.

and sanyingiao (三陰交) neiguan (内関)


to increase the blood stream and endocrine


which is also good for the sensitivity to cold

4 treatment for pelvis blood congestion

mental causes (psychogenic) → ·pressure pain on jianjing (肩井)

·put pressure on the under part of ilium with four fingers →pressure pain


acupuncture on shangqiu(商丘)yinlingquan (陰陵泉) ximen(郄門)

quezhuo(雀啄), pecking sparrow needling, in particular deep acupuncture

on yinlingquan (陰陵泉)

pressure pains on jianjing (肩井)and the under part of ilium are gone


The cerebral circulation becomes better and the psychogenically caused

troubles ( for example, giddiness) are also gone.

※ blood congestion syndrome in pelvis

·It includes an abdominal pain (which radiates into the sacral region and before menstruation becomes harder), the increase of leucorrhea, and the swelling of lactiferous glands before menstruation, and this syndrome is the one which objectively shows a pressure pain on uterosacral ligament or a wandering pain on the uterus. It is thought that they are caused by stress and they mentally bring about an engorgement in pelvis, a congestion, an edema, and a dolor.

·The blood congestion in pelvis is caused by the disorder of vasomotor nerve , which brings about hyperplasy or hardening of pelvic connective tissue such as uterosacral ligament and this condition, which results in lumbago or hypogastrium pain as main symptoms, is the congestion syndrome in pelvis.
It is also said that this syndrome is often accompanied by some systemic unidentified complaints such as a head ache or a shoulder stiffness.
excerpt from 「医学大辞典」published by 医歯薬出版

5 treatment for the acceleration of the bloodstream of arteries at the base of the brain

an asthenopia, a headache at the occiput caused by reading or stress,a transien

cerebral ischemia, a nausea, a numbness, and so on.

·weizhong(委中)(補1cm)feiyang (飛陽) (補1cm)kunlun (崑崙)(寫)


·tianzhu(天柱)fengchi (風池)and so on – these points take a congestion from

a posterior region of the neck. (浅刺寫)

6 treatment for ptosis

( not just visceroptosis but also the drop of the abdominal

pressure caused by the weak abdominal muscle)

·in case of slow pulse(遅脈)

前浮後沈(both slow and fast pulse appear)and when there are pressure

pains on qihu (気戸) in the region of groin

jingmen (京門) quezhuo, (雀啄) pecking sparrow needling 1̴2cm

on a few points, in a lateral position

shengbian(生辺)3cm in depth toward the anus, dachangshu (太腸兪)

(these are the beginning and the end of external and internal

oblique muscle or transverse muscle of the abdomen )

to increase the abdominal pressure and make the blood stream of
the abdominal region smoother.

this is good for visceroptosis.

·in case of fast pulse (数脈)

neiyin(内陰)liangqiu(梁丘)fengshi(風市)ximen(郄門) qihu(気戸)

liuzhen (留鍼),retaining the needle for15~20minutes, or quezhuo (雀啄)

pecking sparrow needling