Immune systems



The treatments for Immune Systems


We have in our body an immune system which guards us from foreign enemies―viruses, germs and so on. The immune system’s components are marrow, white blood cells, tonsils, lymph nodes, the thymic gland,mucous membrane’s lower lymphoid tissue, and so on. The treatment of the immune system helps to make our body more resistant to many diseases by reinforcing and activating these immune systems functions.

It is a basic core approach of this treatment to respond to secondary infection (which has in many cases become a chronic disease) brought out by tonsil that has become the cause of a disease.

1) treatment for tonsil

A variety of stresses※ → they have some influences on the entire human body, i.e. the fall of temperature or blood pressure, the disorder of nerve system, and so on.

The cool down of our throat, which is the front base of the defense of our body

palate, tongue, pharynx, eustachian tonsils

Immunocompromise of the tonsils

Toxins → lymph node, blood vessels

Influences by the decline of physical strength on connective tissue or organs

Secondary acute or chronic diseases happen

※ A variety of stresses are as follows, physical stressors(high temperature, noises, etc), chemical stressors (oxygen deficiency,malnutrition, etc) biological stressors (invasion of pathogen, etc)mental stressors (human relations, mental sufferings)


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