life energy


The treatments for qi(life energy)

1)three points treatments for qi of stomach (qi of stomach is weak)

The edge of tibia ~ on jiexi (解谿) ― the place there are few muscle lines

(the stiffness tendency)

Tension, needling on the hardened part 1cm in depth on both sides

see the fluidity of pulse

○ accelerate the secretion of gastrointenstinal hormone
~ VIP : Vasoactive Intestinal Peptide (the blood flow in bowel)
cholecystokinin ( the acceleration of pancreatic juice   ),
selectin(the secretion of bile)

○ to accelerate the excretion of the gas in the stomach and intestines
there are much pressure pain (―)on jiexi (解谿)
weijing ( 胃経)› yanjing (陽経) of other 5 meridians
qi of stomach activates the cellular respiration of organization (internal respiration)

2) treatment for qishuixue (気水穴)

a pressure pain on huoxue (火穴)(sympathetic nerve)
→congestion, inflammation, swelling, ulcer and son

→ qixue (気穴) shallow needling
shuixue (水穴) deep needling
(parasympathetic nerves)

get rid of a pressure pain on huoxue (火穴) by quezhuo (雀啄), pecking sparrow

※ qixue (気穴) ― jinqu (経渠) lung lingdao (霊道) heart jianshi (間使)

shangqiu (商丘) spleen fuliu (復溜) kidney zhongfeng (中封) liver

3) treatment for the acceleration of the flow of qi

qixue (気穴) increases the blood oxygenation level( by needling shallowly along the flow ) , that is to say, activates the cellular respiration of organization, making feijinxue(肺金穴)qixue (気穴)

qi improves the impeded blood flow( in artery and vein both) and accelerates circulation, distribution, and metabolism of the lymph vessel and the body fluid.

※ needling deeply on shuixue (水穴) ― inflammation starts to disappear

○ the main causes which arrest the stream of qi are the stiffness of dense connective tissue and other connective tissues at each joint in our body.


1 the words written in italic letters before Chinese characters, for example shuixue (水穴) , are not genuine English words, rather, they are English phoneticizations of Chinese wotds.

2 quezhuo (雀啄) is one of the way of needling, which is to move a needle up and down little by little like the pecking of birds.

3 most of the expression in Chinese characters are the name of jinxue, which means acupuncture points.

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