The Basic Knowledge And Practice
Of The Treatment in Nagano Method

The reason many acupuncturists in Japan adopt The Nagano method in their treatment is its beneficial effect on patients.

Nagano Kiyoshi
Nagano Koji


1Special Features of the Nagano Method The human body has natural curing power.

When there are problems and conditions which prevent it from working, we can become ill. In the Nagano Method,we will cure patients by analyzing these problems and conditions in five categories and getting rid of them.

This is the Nagano Method, which was founded and developed by Kiyoshi Nagano, an acupuncturist who based his medical practice on the classic theories of acupuncture and moxibustion

(Suwen 素問, Lingshu 霊枢, Nanjing 難経 and so on― the classic books about acupuncture)

and anatomy and physiology from Western Medicine These five categories are :

(1) Immune System,

(2) Blood Vessel System,

(3) Internal Secretion and Nervous System,

(4) Muscular System, and

(5) Qi system ,

which are explained in detail later in this paper.

I’ll show you all in practice the way to find which system is in disorder.
Another feature of the Nagano Method is “Marugoto Chiryou”,

which means “The entire treatment”.

We examine not just a patient’s illness, but also the patient himself.

When we treat a patient, it is very important to know how his or her illness or symptoms happened, what were behind them, by what circumstances he or she is surrounded in his or her home or office and what relationship he or she makes with others.

What we will do is not only to treat illness but to cure a patient himself



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